FAQ + delivery date + payment methods

    General Information

    Maximum ticket order quantity

    The maximum ticket order quantity for each game is 10 tickets per person. Nevertheless, the EC Red Bull Salzburg can limit the ticket quantity per game. For group requests, containing more than 10 tickets please contact our ticketing team, by E-Mail: tickets@redbulls.com or phone: +43 (662) 62 96 56.

    Stadium opening times

    The Eisarena Salzburg generally opens 60 minutes just before bully.

    Use of the public transportation (MVV)

    Tickets for all home games in printed form entitle you to use the public transportation in Salzburg (SVV) for the specific game. Long distance traffic is not included. The timeframe for use is three hours before the match starts and three hours after the end of the match. Please be aware that only the ticket qualifies for the use of the public transportation the bill is not sufficient..

    Reduced-price tickets

    Reduced-price tickets are available for pupils, students , pensioners, military draft, severely disabled. A valid reduction proof must be shown at the security entrance check.


    Children under 6 years get a free entrance to the stadium with minimum one attendant. Infants have no seating claim.


    Is a booking at the online-shop safe?

    A booking at our ticket-online-shop is secured by a SSL-encryption. You can notice the “s” at the beginning of the homepage https://.

    Why do I have to state my phone number?

    If any problems with your booking occurs, it is necessary that our customer-service may contact you.

    How can I select reduced-price tickets?

    To select these prices, you need to click on the arrow on the right side of your ticket-selection. Please only select reduced prices when you have the correct and valid reduction proof.

    When and how do I receive my booking confirmation?

    After a successful booking, you will receive a booking confirmation. You can also review your confirmation by clicking on „booking preview“.

    Are tickets shipped outside from Austria?

    Ticket orders will be shipped only within Austria and Germany. Please note that other tickets order will not be sent. We will deposit those tickets at the Eisarena Salzburg for pick-up. You will receive the tickets at Kassa 2 on the right side of the main entrance. You need to show your booking confirmation and your identification. For further information please contact our ticketing team by Email tickets@redbulls.com.

    I lost my tickets/ my tickets have been stolen

    If you lose your tickets, we offer the possibility to print new tickets and cancel the lost ones. Please bring a booking confirmation and your identification to Kassa 2 on the right side of the Eisarena Salzburg.

    Why need the tickets to be personalized?

    This is a necessary part of the booking process, to match the tickets correctly to its owner when lost or stolen. Using the public transport is only possible if the ticket is personalized.


    What area is designated for away-fans?

    The area for away-fans is designated (standing places) in block B. You can get them on our common sales channel.