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PRICE LIST (valid from 01st January 2019)

Weekend tickets

  • Cat. 1 - 519,00 EUR
  • Cat. 2 - 409,00 EUR
  • Cat. 3 - 359,00 EUR
  • Cat. 4 - 289,00 EUR
  • Cat. 5 - 239,00 EUR
  • Cat. 6 - 189,00 EUR
  • Cat. 7 - 139,00 EUR - SOLD OUT

  • Sunday tickets

  • Cat. 2 - 389,00 EUR
  • Cat. 3 - 339,00 EUR
  • Cat. 4 - 269,00 EUR
  • Cat. 5 - 219,00 EUR
  • Cat. 6 - 169,00 EUR
  • Cat. 7 - 119,00 EUR - SOLD OUT

  • Entry for children up to 6 years of age is free of charge without seat reservation. Admission is only permitted with proof of age and suitable hearing protection. Please also note that we cannot allow strollers on the stands for safety reasons.

    Children aged 7 to 15 will receive a discount in categories 2-7. Price per child: 50.00 EUR (weekend ticket) / 45.00 EUR (Sunday ticket). Admission is only permitted with proof of age and suitable hearing protection.

    All prices include 19% VAT and are subject to a 3% handling fee and a 2,9% online fee.

    Please note that there is free seating on most grandstands on Friday (26th July 2019). Only on selected grandstands the booked seats are valid. For more information, see "grandstand hopping on Friday".

    Subject to modifications and errors!


    Shipping costs

  • 5,00 EUR shipping national (registered mail)
  • 8,00 EUR shipping international (registered mail)
  • 2,00 EUR deposit on site (information desk at the Haupttribüne A)

    The seats on the following grandstands are covered:

  • Haupttribüne
  • Südtribüne Oberrang
  • Mercedes-Tribüne
  • Südtribüne A/B/E/F/G/H, category 3
  • Südtribüne C/D, category 2
  • Nordtribüne, category 3
  • Innentribüne, category 5

    All visitors who have a Friday or weekend ticket will have access to the following grandstands on Friday (26th July 2019). There will be free seating.

  • Südtribüne A/B/E/F/G/H
  • Nordtribüne A/B/C
  • Innentribüne B/C
  • Mercedes-Tribüne A-F

  • On Friday (26th July 2019), only visitors who have a ticket for the respective grandstand will have access to the following grandstands. The booked seats are valid.

  • Haupttribüne
  • Südtribüne C/D
  • Südtribüne Oberrang
  • Mercedes-Tribüne G-M (upper deck)

  • On Saturday (27th July 2019) and Sunday (28nd July 2019) all ticket holders are only allowed to take the seat printed on the ticket.


    Tickets for Friday and Saturday will only be available at the box office.
    Prices tba.


    The standing area Parabolika are freely accessible for all ticket holders.
    Tickets which are only valid for the standing area are not offered.


    Entry for wheelchair users is free of charge but a ticket is still required. Wheelchair areas and seats for accompanying persons are on Südtribüne C/D and are only available through the ticket hotline +49 6205 950-222.


  • The General Terms and Conditions governing Tickets and the Spectator Rules of Hockenheim-Ring GmbH apply
  • Event date is subject to official confirmation