FAQ + delivery date + payment methods

  • • What should I note once I’ve completed my booking?

    Once your booking is complete you will receive a confirmation. You will then have the option of viewing your invoice by clicking on MY ACCOUNT and then on ORDERS, and then on the particular invoice in question. You will also receive your invoice by email. The email will also include the ticketing Terms and Conditions in pdf format.

  • What should I note after I’ve entered all of the necessary information?

    Once you’ve entered all of the necessary information for a booking, please double check the information in the booking summary. If any information is incorrect, you can change it by clicking on the “change information” button and then making the necessary corrections. If the original entered information is correct, then you can complete your order. To complete the order you must accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking on the check box and then clicking the BUY button.

  • When and how do I receive an invoice or receipt for my booking?

    Once your booking is complete, you will receive a booking confirmation by email. You can also access your invoice at any time by clicking on MY ACCOUNT. You can also access your booking in the Service Area. Please keep a copy of your invoice for your records and any future questions.

  • What should I note when choosing a payment method?

    Please choose your preferred method of payment from the options offered and then provide the necessary information. Please make sure to double check that your credit card information is complete and correct so your booking can be successfully processed.

  • What is card security code and where do I find it?

    Requiring a card security code further increases the security standards of your ticket booking. The card security code is a group of three digits printed (not embossed) on your card that is not usually included in credit card receipts. The card security code can be found on the backside of Mastercard and VISA credit cards as the last three digits in the number on the signature area of the card.

  • What do I do in the second step of registration?

    In the second step of registration, you can choose to enter a delivery address that differs from your billing address if you would like to have the tickets sent to a different address. Please do not use a post office box or a pack-station for a delivery address that differs from the billing address.

  • What do I need to do to register?

    In order to register or create your account in the Online TicketShop, please enter the asked for information when prompted to do so. Customers who have already registered can login in the provided boxes. If this is your first time at our Online TicketShop, please note that the fields marked with an asterix must be completely and correctly filled in order for a successful booking to take place.

  • Why do I have to provide my telephone number?

    We ask for your telephone number so our staff in the Online TicketShop can contact you if there are any unexpected problems with your order like an incorrect address.

  • Can tickets be ordered by customers outside of Germany?

    If you are ordering a ticket from outside of Germany you can pick it up at the stadium. You will receive your tickets at the will-call Hinterlegungskasse 7-8) window in the stadium ticket office located at the stadium main entrance up to 3 hours before the start of the match. Please have the invoice number and valid photo identification ready to complete the transaction.

  • What information can I see in the shopping cart?

    By clicking on the shopping cart you will be directed to an overview of the spots you selected and any additional costs like shipping or the like. In order to add more tickets to your shopping cart, you must click on the “continue shopping” button. You can also remove tickets from your shopping basket by clicking on “delete” or “delete all”.

  • How do I receive my tickets?

    If your booking was successfully completed and you chose to have your tickets delivered by mail or by GO! then you will receive your tickets at the address you provided. If your invoice contains the note “pick-up at ticket office” or “pick-up at FanShop”, you can pick-up your ticket(s) at window 7-8 (Kasse 7-8) in the ticket office at the stadium main entrance up to 3 hours before the start of the match. Please have the invoice number and valid photo identification ready to complete the transaction.

  • Was muss ich tun, um eine Ermäßigung auszuwählen?

    Um eine Ermäßigung auszuwählen, betätigen Sie bitte das Auswahlfeld Preis / Ermäßigung und wählen Ihre entsprechende Ermäßigung aus, sofern Sie berechtigt sind. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Ermäßigungen nur bei Vorlage eines gültigen Nachweises gewährt werden. Sollten Sie andere Plätze wählen wollen, klicken Sie bitte auf "Andere Plätze wählen".

  • How do I choose a discounted ticket?

    In order to choose a discounted ticket, please choose the discounted option from the price drop-down menu. Of course, only choose this option if you qualify for a discount and are able to provide valid identification proving this. If you want to choose other spots, please click on "continue shopping."

  • What do I do in order to choose my seat or standing spot?

    When you click on “Buy,” a page will open with graphic view of seating and standing spots in the stadium. You choose your seat by first choosing the stand (ex. main stand lower ring), then the block (ex. A), and finally your desired seat/standing spot. If you want to know more about prices or discounts in a particular block, simply click on “Price list” to display the information.

  • How Secure is booking on the Online TicketShop?

    Bookings for tickets in our Online TicketShop are always done using secure SSL encrypted connections. You know your connection is secure when you see an internet address that begins with “https://” rather than the usual “http://”. The “s” stands for secure, meaning the data you enter will be encrypted during the transit process. You’ll see it on every page of our Online TicketShop.

  • What discounts are possible?

    Discounts for tickets are available for the following reasons (with valid identification): children up to 12, students, senior citizens, severely disable 50% or more. Children under 6 can receive a ticket free of charge.

  • I still have not received the ticket(s) I booked online, what should I do?

    If you chose to have your ticket(s) mailed to you, then you should receive your tickets no later than three (3) days before the match. If your ticket(s) do not arrive within this time you should send an email with your name and invoice/order number to the following address: info@mainz05.de or call us at 06131-375 500. If your invoice indicates that your tickets have been marked for "pick-up" then you can pick-up your tickets by presenting the invoice/order number and your valid photo id at the Hinterlegungskasse 7-8 located at the ticket office at the main stadium entrance up to three hours before the start of the match.

  • I am having trouble completing my booking, who can I ask for help?

    If you encounter problems while trying to book tickets in our Online TicketShop either send an email to info@mainz05.de or call us at 06131 - 375 500.

  • What can I do on the “My Account” page?

    After successfully registering, you will see a “My Account” option on the right hand side of the page. Clicking on “My Account” opens a page where you can choose to view your orders and the status of each, change your personal data like a shipping address or phone number, or modify your login data.