FAQ + delivery date + payment methods

  • What is the maximum amount of tickets I can order at the Premium ticket shop?

    You can book a maximum amount of 10 tickets per order at the Premium ticket shop.

  • Which payment methods are available?

    The Premium ticket shop accepts credit cards as well as payment via Sofortüberweisung (Sofort AG, only for German bank accounts).

  • Do I have to sign up for the Premium ticket Shop? Can I use my Eventim account?

    You have to be registered in order to purchase tickets at the Premium ticket shop. You can either register prior to making a purchase or during the booking process. Please note that an existing Eventim account is not valid for the Premium ticket shop.

  • How do I get logged in?

    Customers that are already registered can log in by using the ‘Login’ button on the home page of the Premium ticket shop. New customers get registered during the booking process. After choosing the tickets you will be forwarded to the registration page. Enter your personal data here to register for the Premium ticket shop. Please note that all personal information must be complete and accurate. If not, a successful booking process cannot be guaranteed. You confirm your personal information by choosing ‘Continue’.

  • Why do I have to provide my phone number?

    In case of unexpected problems with your booking or your registration (e.g. wrong address data), our customer service will use your telephone number to notify you.

  • What is the ‘My account’ area for?

    The booking process at the Premium ticket shop is secured via SSL encryption. Usually it is indicated through ‘https://’ at the beginning of the internet address. The ‘s’ stands for the SSL encryption which is active immediately after opening the Premium ticket shop.

  • How safe is booking via the Premium ticket shop?

    Die Buchung der Karten in unserem Online-Ticket-Shop wird durch eine SSL-Verschlüsselung gesichert. Erkennbar ist diese normalerweise für Sie durch die mit "https://" beginnende Internet-Adresse. Das "s" ist das Kennzeichen für die SSL-Verschlüsselung der Daten, direkt ab dem Aufruf des Online-Ticket-Shops.

  • Why do I get notified that there are not enough seats available for my selection, even though there are enough seats displayed?

    If you cannot make a selection although enough seats are displayed, please check the zoom settings of your internet browser. The zoom has to be 100%, please adjust if necessary.

  • What do I have to do under ‘block selection’ ?

    Under ‘block selection’, you can choose the block you would like to sit in. You can select the block either via the seating chart or the booking list. For information on the price categories, please klick the “price list” button.

  • How and when do I get a receipt for my order?

    After completing the booking process, you will receive an e-mail with the booking confirmation. You can also find your successful orders under ‘My account’. Please keep the receipt in case any questions occur..


  • Where can the tickets be delivered to? Can the delivery address differ from the billing address?

    Yes. In the second step of the registration, you can enter a differing delivery address, if you want the tickets to be sent to a separate address. Please do not use a P.O. Box or “Packstation” as delivery address.

  • Can my tickets be deposited at the arena?

    The tickets can be deposited at the arena for a 2.50 EUR fee. Your purchased tickets can be picked up at the Premium Entrance on the day of the event after doors open. If you would like to pick up your tickets at the arena box office on another day, please contact our customer service (tel. +49 (0)30 – 20 60 70 88 44).

  • When and how will the tickets be despatched?

    Shortly after the order, the tickets will be despatched and delivered by the PIN AG..

  • What is print@home?

    ticketdirect (print@home) means that the tickets are sent as a PDF document to the customers e-mail-address, to be printed out at home. If the ticket should not be sent via e-mail, it is possible to print it directly after signing into the service area with your user data. print@home is possible, because there is a barcode on every ticket, which is checked at the entrance. Therefore illegal duplication of the tickets is not possible. Every ticket is only admitted once for entry.


  • What are Premium Tickets?

    Premium Tickets offer many advantages in comparison to the regular tickets, e.g. comfortable seats in the Premium blocks 101-104, Premium parking spots, a separate Premium Entrance, access to the Premium Lounge and free cloakroom service. Depending on the premium package booked, you can also receive exclusive catering as well as free drinks.

  • What kinds of Premium tickets are there? Which services are included?

    For the majority of the shows and concerts, there are Premium Seats (“Seat Only”) and Premium Packages (“All Incl. Package”) available. For selected shows and sporting events, we also offer “Dine & View” packages. In addition you can book Event Suites and tickets for the exclusive DIAMOND BALL.ROOM – both can only be requested via our Premium Hotline 030/ 20 60 70 88 44 or e-mail.
    You can find an overview of our Premium products here.

  • Which services are included?

    Please note that the following are general package descriptions. The packages can vary depending on the event. For a detailed package description, please visit the respective event page on our website.

    Premium Seat (“Seat Only”)
    • exclusive seat close to the stage or rink in our premium blocks 101 – 104
    • high comfort through cushioned seating
    • access to the exclusive Premium Lounge and the World Dinner Restaurant
    • separate premium entrance
    • 1 premium parking space (per 2 tickets)
    • free premium cloakroom
    • guest service

    Premium Package (“All Inclusive Package”)
    • exclusive seat close to the stage in our premium blocks 101 or 102
    • including buffet and a choice of drinks (beer, soft drinks, red and white wine by the glass, prosecco, coffee) in the Premium Club from start of admission as well as during the event and up to 90 minutes after the event
    • high comfort through cushioned seating
    • access to the exclusive Premium Lounge
    • separate premium entrance
    • 1 premium parking space (per 2 tickets)
    • free premium cloakroom

    Dine & View (selected events and sports events only)
    • table seat at the balustrade or Single Seat on the balcony of the World Dinner Restaurant
    • fantastic view of the event
    • incl. buffet (hot and cold food until end of the event)
    • complementary drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks, prosecco, coffee)
    • separate premium entrance
    • 1 premium parking space (per 2 tickets)
    • Access to the Premium Lounge
    • Direct access to the restaurant terrace
    • Free cloakroom at the restaurant
    • Guest Service

    Event Suite (only available via telephone or email)
    • luxurious event suite for 12-36 guests with a perfect view of the event
    • high seating comfort (leather seats and bar stools) on the suite balcony
    • premium parking space
    • access to the exclusive Premium Lounge
    • access to the arena via the Premium Entrance
    • high-quality catering (incl. a choice of drinks) in your suite

    DIAMOND BALL.ROOM (only available for selected events and only available via telephone or email)
    • Ticket for the DIAMOND BALL.ROOM
    • Fine-Dining-Catering
    • Complimentary drinks
    • Cocktails and longdrinks served by your very own barkeeper
    • Live-DJ (on selected events)
    • Guest Service (free cloakroom among other things)
    • Premium parking
    • Personal contact person
    • Close proximity to our sun roof

  • Is a parking space included in my Premium ticket booking?

    In most cases, one premium parking space is included per two Premium tickets. You will receive your parking voucher in a separate email. If you have purchased Premium Tickets through another website (i.d. if your booking was not made via this Premium ticket shop, our Premium Hotline or via email), parking might not be included. Please check with the provider you bought your tickets from.

  • What does the Premium area at the Mercedes-Benz Arena look like?

    You can find an overview of our Premium area and all our Premium products here.

  • Other Questions

  • What if an event I bought Premium Tickets for was cancelled?

    Our customer service will contact you via email of phone if there are any changes on an event.

  • Do I need a separate ticket for my baby / infant?

    Every visitor needs a valid ticket to attend an event, independent of their age. For Eisbären Berlin home games, children between 0-6 years can attend the game for free but are not entitled to a seat. For concerts and shows, children aged 2 years or older usually need a separate ticket. Please check with our costumer service for more information: +49 (0)30 / 20 60 70 88 44 or premium@mercedes-benz-arena-berlin.de.

  • What can I bring with me to an event at the Mercedes-Benz Arena? When do the doors open, when does the event start, etc.?

    For general questions regarding the Mercedes-Benz Arena, the events, parking etc., please visit our Arena FAQ.

  • Who can I contact if I have further questions or problems during the booking process?

    If you have any questions regarding booking or an event, contact us via e-mail (premium@mercedes-benz-arena-berlin.de) or by calling the Premium Hotline +49 (0)30 / 20 60 70 88 44.