NitrOlympX / VIP-Paket Tower-Lounge Samstag

  • Saturday, Aug 29, 2020 8:00
  • Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg (VIP)

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VIP-Paket Samstag

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    VIP-Paket Samstag
    325.00 EUR
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Friday tickets

  • Free seating - 25,00 EUR

  • Saturday tickets
  • Cat. 2 - 119,00 EUR
  • Cat. 3 - 109,00 EUR
  • Cat. 4 - 99,00 EUR
  • Cat. 5 - 79,00 EUR

  • Sunday tickets
  • Cat. 2 - 69,00 EUR
  • Cat. 3 - 59,00 EUR
  • Cat. 4 - 49,00 EUR
  • Cat. 5 - 39,00 EUR

  • Weekend tickets
  • Cat. 1 - 149,00 EUR
  • Cat. 2 - 139,00 EUR
  • Cat. 3 - 129,00 EUR
  • Cat. 4 - 119,00 EUR
  • Cat. 5 - 99,00 EUR
  • Cat. 6 - 69,00 EUR (free seating)

  • All prices incl. 19% VAT.

    All tickets incl. paddock access. All Saturday and weekend tickets incl. Nightshow.

    On Friday (28th August 2020) there is free seating on the open grandstands. On Saturday (29th August 2020) and Sunday (30th August 2020) all ticket holders are only allowed to take the seat on the ticket.

    Weekend tickets for the Fahrerlager-Tribüne incl. parking inside (ratio 4 tickets /1 parking voucher). A overnight stay inside is not allowed! The parking vouchers will be sent no later than 4 weeks before the event.

    Weekend tickets for the Oberrang incl. parking at the Südtribüne (only for the first 100 customers, ratio 4 tickets / 1 parking voucher). The parking vouchers will be sent no later than 4 weeks before the event.


    Children under the age of 16 will receive a discount. Admission is only permitted with proof of age and suitable hearing protection. On Friday (28th August 2020), children under the age of 16 have free admission.

    Disabled persons (min. 50% degree of handicap) and their accompanying persons (specified on handicap card) will receive a discount of 50%.

    Holders of discounted tickets must have a valid entitlement to the discount on the first admission.


    Entry for wheelchair users is free of charge but a ticket is still required. Wheelchair areas and seats for accompanying persons are on Südtribüne C/D and are only available through the ticket hotline +49 6205 950-222.


    Experience the sport from a truly unique perspective with the NITROLYMPX HOT SEATS. This is the ultimate way to watch a sports event! You can’t get any closer than this! Witnessing a Top Fuel or Pro Mod circuit from the NITROLYMPX HOT SEATS will kick your senses into high gear: just imagine the roar of the engines, the trembling asphalt, the precise work of the crew and the smell of nitro and rubber. And then there’s the high-octane force of the start that will leave you gripped to your seat! (Duration: appx. 30-40 min.)

    The Hot Seat zone is located in a separate grandstand directly in the starting area. Special safety conditions and regulations apply here. The participant must therefore fulfil or accept the following conditions.


  • A valid grandstand ticket or a corresponding access authorisation is required for the day of participation.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • For insurance reasons, nationals of the US, Canada or France cannot participate.
  • Clothing that includes long trousers, at least a top/t-shirt with mid-length sleeves and closed, sturdy shoes is absolutely essential.
  • Clothes that expose one’s midriff or with a low-cut neckline are not permitted.
  • Physical fitness is a basic requirement.
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs cannot participate.
  • If you have any of the following conditions, you cannot sit in one of the Hot Seats: heart or cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, brain diseases/epilepsy, impaired hearing and balance, mental impairments
  • You must participate in a briefing on the dangers involved and complete a survey on the state of your health. It is imperative that you arrive on time for the briefing (Ravenol-Haus, 1st floor).
  • A waiver of liability must be signed.
  • For safety reasons, headphones with radio communication must be worn as hearing protection. These are provided free of charge by the organiser.
  • In addition, protective goggles, a face mask, hearing protection (earplugs) and a safety vest are provided free of charge.



  • Slot 1 - PM/TM (briefing appx. 10:15 / beginning appx. 11:00): 150,00 EUR
  • Slot 2 - PS/TF (briefing appx. 10:45 / beginning appx. 11:35): 250,00 EUR
  • Slot 3 - FIM (briefing appx. 12:00 / beginning appx. 12:45): 150,00 EUR
  • Slot 4 - PM/TM (briefing appx. 14:45 / beginning appx. 15:30): 150,00 EUR
  • Slot 5 - PS/TF (briefing appx. 15:15 / beginning appx. 16:05): 250,00 EUR
  • Slot 6 - FIM (briefing appx. 15:40 / beginning appx. 16:40): 150,00 EUR


  • Slot 1 - 1/4 Finals (briefing appx. 09:45 / beginning appx. 10:35): 250,00 EUR
  • Slot 2 - 1/2 Finals (briefing appx. 12:45 / beginning appx. 13:30): 150,00 EUR

    The exact times will be announced!


  • PM = Pro Modified Dragster
  • PS = Pro Stock Dragster
  • TF = Top Fuel Dragster
  • TM = Top Methanol Dragster
  • FIM = Drag Bikes (e.g. Super Street Bike, Pro Stock Bike, Top Fuel Bike)


    The impressive south grandstand has VIP-Seats in a height of 20 metres. There you have an excellent view of the entire Motodrom and especially of the start and finish line of the Rico Anthes Quartermile. In our VIP-area you can expect an unique ambience as well as an exquisite and various catering. You can experience the race action from the south grandstand, by visiting the paddock area or by taking a seat at the reserved seats in the VIP grandstand of the QUARTERMILE CLUB. Don’t miss a single thing during a thrilling day of races!


  • Single ticket for the VIP-Seat “Tower Seats” on the south grandstand (Saturday & Sunday)
  • TOWER-LOUNGE VIP guests can drop in to the VIP stand, where there is a limited amount of open seats to choose from Friday – Sunday
  • Access to the paddock area (Friday – Sunday)
  • Free beverages in the beer garden of the “QUARTERMILE CLUB” (Friday – Sunday)
  • A reserved seat in the TOWER-LOUNGE (Open on Saturday from 9.00 am to 11.00 pm and on Sunday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm)
  • Exquisite catering: on Saturday: lunch snack –exclusive and various, coffee and more, American-Dinner-Buffet, Midnight Surprise and/or on Sunday: rich Dragster Speed-Brunch, coffee and cake, including a large selection of beverages
  • Reserved special VIP parking spaces in the direct vicinity (1 parking permit for every 4 tickets)
  • VIP service, official event programme, VIP gift and earplugs


  • Saturday: 325,00 EUR
  • Sunday: 225,00 EUR
  • Saturday & Sunday: 410,00 EUR


    The VIP packages will be sent or deposited approx. 3 weeks before the event (registered mail).


    All Prices are subject to a 3% handling fee and a 2,9% online fee.


    Shipping costs

  • 5,00 EUR shipping national (registered mail)
  • 8,00 EUR shipping international (registered mail)
  • 2,00 EUR deposit on site (information desk at the Haupttribüne A)
  • 2,00 EUR print@home


  • All prices incl. 19% VAT
  • The General Terms and Conditions governing Tickets and the House Rules of Hockenheim-Ring GmbH apply
  • Event date is subject to official confirmation